My System

I follow a very strict forex system. But I can assure you that it is simple. I will tell you in detail how to trade it and most important, where to trade it.
The key success factor is to follow the forex system, it may sound ridicules, but you will notice that your own mind can be your biggest enemy to make money on online forex trading.
I will come directly to the system so you don't have to think there is a catch to this ;-)

The system is of course possible to use on stock trading at any online stock broker, but I only use it for my online forextrading.

I have tested the system before I started to use it within metatrader with really astonishing results.

1. Indicator
I only uses two indicators, Bollinger Band (BB) to provide Stop-Loss, and Stochastic Momentum Index (SMI) to provide Trend indicator. I realised a couple of years ago when I tried to have a some of indicators that all are just a product of one simple thing you see all the time, that is price. You actually only need one or two indicator, and BB in combination with SMI gives everything you need.

Trend Indicator
First I decide if a trend are in place. Do not trade if no trend is in place. I uses SMI to see if I have an trend in place. See picture below how it works.

First the values:

And here is how it looks:

I only trend in the direction of the trend, that is, I will go bullish if :
The solid line is above the dotted
The solid line is above zero.

Trading Indicator
I will buy only in the direction of the trend as above. When so, I uses BB to enter and exit.
First the values, I uses BB time frame 14, and Standard devialtion 1.
Here is how it looks;

I will buy when the price have declined, and to the top BB value. I will use bottom BB to exit.

2. Time frame
And here are the secret :-), to use two time frames. Let me explain. There are times that you will make money, and times where you can loos money. The secret that allot of newbie's will do is to try to trade all the times. My system lets you only trade when it is in your favour.
I uses 1h to decide if I can trade or not
If I can trade, I will swap to my 15 minute trading frame to decide when to buy and when to sell.

You may have noticed it above, 1h for Trend indicator, and 15min for tradning indicator.

3. Reinvestment
And the trading secret to make the fortune, reinvest your money. You can feel the urge to use your winnings, but your earnings will grow extremely fast when you start to reinvest them, that is, when you make a profit, let it work for you.

4. Money management
If you want to be a a trader, act as a trader. That is, use your money and don't be a coward. If you have 10 000 dollar, use them.

5. Leverage
You may have heard the word leverage, but it is really the key susses factor behind my fortune. I personal uses a strict 1:50 in leverage. What in mean is that 10 000 dollar enables me to trade for 50 times my capital, that is, 10 000 * 50 = 500 000 dollar. You may think that you don't want to trade with such a leverage, but you have then to keep in mind that the FOREX only moves in tiny movements.

6. What to trade
Nearly all currencies moves against the USD in some way, I can therefore only recommend you to use EUR/USD as pair to trade. all others will only follow that one, but with an higher spread.

So as you can see, the forex system is really easy to trade. You can be up and trading on your own in a couple of minutes if you want to, please go to my forex BROKER section for advise how to chose your online fx brokers.

7. Select a trustable broker
There are allot of dirty brokers out there, do yourself a favor and don't trust them with your money. They can go bankruptcy and take your money faster than you can save them. I personally only uses the one that I recommend on my broker page, such as etoro.

Go to : Recommended FOREX Broker

Details about my profit
My average profit is just 0.35% a month. Yes, only the tiny amount of 0.35%. but thanks to my 1:50 in leverage the tiny 0.35% creates a powerful tool to earn my fortune.
Let's say your investment is: 20 000USD, you can them buy for 20 000 * 50 = 1 000 000 USD. Your profit is then 0.35% on 1 000 000 USD, that is 3 500USD. You see my point ;-) ?. You only need 1/50 of the amount of currency you want to buy. And it can create your first million within a year or two.

You can see an summation of my trading account from my initial investment of 20 000USD to today on my trading journal page. The future earnings is of course based on historical earnings, and indicates what I will earn in the future. You can do the same, trust me, it is easy.

Go to : Trading Journal
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