About Me

This is a blog about how I will reach my next goal, to make 10 Million dollar within 2 years on a strict online FOREX trading system.

I am a normal 40yo engineer, that realised that my pension will not be as high as it should, and I don't have any time to be with my wife and children due to my work and all overtime. I do ok financial today, but I feel that I want to be with my children more, and have a active retirement. That will not happen if I continue my 9 to 5 job. I realised a couple of years ago that I needed to find some way to start to make more money, and I did find it, and it was called FOREX trading, that is to like stock day trade, but with currencies. You can read more about FOREX trading here.

I have made over 1 Million dollars so far, and this is from a initial 20 000 dollars just some years ago. I have before I did this tried allot of different systems, and all of them whipped out my investment capital. I developed a system, that covers everything, and the best part is the simplicity of the system. It is so easy that anyone can do it. You can read more about the system here, on the System page. Did I forget to say that I will give it away for free ;-) ? What's the catch you may ask yourself, well... I get upset by all scams online that try to sell really complex system for more that 2000 dollar (or even more..) that doesn't work. This is my way to give something back to the trading community.

I have made my blog, and information, especially for those that never have traded before, I will guide newbie's on FOREX trading, so you easily can start to make money you to. If you also want to make a fortune on FOREX trading, you make best to sign up with an respectable broker, be aware that there are allot of scams out there. I uses myself some fx brokers that I can recommend, you can read more about them here, Broker.

So come on, sign up and fund your account at a forex Broker you can trust, and you may well become a millionaire within a year or two if you just start with 10 000 dollar.
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