Chosing forex broker

How to chose a broker.
Well, here comes the tricky part. A lot of forex brokers are small, and may be scams. I strongly recommend you to use only big proven forex or stock brokers. But you need to know that allot of forex brokers will skim you, that is, the difference between sell and buy is high. Let me explain, let's say that you buy for 1.3500, the sell price will in the same moment be 1.3490 at some brokers, that is, you will lose 0.0010 units just for start. It will fast add up and you will soon realise that the only one that are making a fortune is your broker. I have started to uses etoro as my online forex broker, you can find it here;

I can sincerely recommend you to open accounts at this forexbroker, as they are very service minded and have a low difference between sell and buy (only 2 pips). They also have an extremely easy to use tool for fx system trading, it is that one that I do all my trades in, and that my system page will show how to set up to make money by online forex trading.