Forex for Dummies :-)

Trading forex online (or fx as it also is called) is nearly the same as trading penny  stocks at a normal stock brokers. You don't need to make huge initial investments. Trading in forex by online trading can make use of leverage, so your capability to trade will be 50 - 400 times your initial investment.

Online trading will also create opportunity to use different analytic tools, such as metatrader, to test your ideas for your forex system. 

What you need to do to get started is only to open an trading account at a good online broker, such as etoro.
You will soon realize that trading in forex is a whole new word :-)

I will try to explain how to trade forex (or trade fx) it here, but I currently don't have the time to writ a nice newbie guide. You can however find information at my fx broker etoro.

Use eToro’s forex guides to learn forex basics and practice

as much as you like, using eToro’s unlimited practice mode

You can of course always get alot of knowlage at wikipedia: